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SG9075 900x750x1900 Cascada Rectangle Shape Shower Glass Pivot Door
~6mm toughened safety glass meeting all NZ standards. (AS/NZS 2208 compliant)
~Reinforced and anodized aluminium frame
~Solid brass pivot
~Magnetic strip door closure
~Stainless Steel 304 two-hole N handle
~Adjustable range: (860~890)x(720~740)mm
JYC or Cattis glass. Recoganised brand and quality by Australia and NZ companies.
e.g. JYC- Lion Red Brewery East Tamaki factory
Cattis – Bus stops in Australia and NZ

Rectangle Shape Shower Tray
Centre Waste: Centre of Waste is 450mm and 375mm from edge of tray
Corner Waste: Centre of waste is 250mm from edge of tray
30mm Upstand
3 Extra Layers of Fibreglass Resin
Net weight: 17kg
Gross weight: 19kg

SL9075T Liner 885*735*1900
Irish Made
Durosan, Acrylic Capped ASB from Athlone Extrusions
2mm Acrylic Resin
Single Piece Fold