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Overhead drencher and hand shower with our Airstream™ technology mixes air with water to create a refreshing, rain-like more voluminous shower experience.

• The Airstream™ shower spray. Mixes air with water to create a softer, voluminous shower experience.
• Personalise your shower Five water-flow settings – Spray, Bubble, Massage, Spray+Bubble, Spray+Massage – allow you to create your ideal shower experience
• Regular Coverage A compact and powerful spray for everyday showering.
• Easy DIY installation Replace your shower handset on your own – no need for a plumber.
• Flexible rail installation Chrome-plated rail with adjustable mounting brackets for easy retrofit installation.
• Rub clean nozzles An easier clean for limescale removal – perfect for hard water areas.
• Twist-free hose Easy to use and to clean.